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After a year of trial operation www.huochu.net successfully launched on July 18, 2012. We provide more than one international brand of experimental apparatus on this e-commerce center. Welcome new and old customers to visit!

This online commerce platform is located in Yangpu Wujiaochang,one of top 10 business centers of Shanghai, has Agency Authorization of many well-known brand which have advantage in the market share from all over the world such as Britain, France, Germany, United States, Italy and so on. They are include HACH,ORION,LOVIBOND,HANNA,Sartorius,METTLER TOLEDO,MERCK,WTW,Thermo Fisher,Metrohm,MILLPORE,Raytek,BROOKFIELD,ATAGO,Met One,Agilent,BRAND, etc. it’s product range involved laboratory infrastructure equipment, analytical instruments environmental monitoring, agricultural products inspection, and other fields; covering petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, aquaculture, environmental protection, electric power, agriculture, municipal departments, as well as universities, research units and other industries.

The Jilin Kos Total Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. has a professional and dedicated team, the R & D and financial center is located at Jilin, we work hard to provide reliable products of technological innovation to meet market demand.

Our brothers Enterprises,Jilin ZhongChuang Technology Co., Ltd., had got materials suppliers access permits which issued by the China National Petroleum Corporation in 2009. From then on, www.huochu.net officially entered the ranks of the designated materials suppliers of the Oil and Natural Gas Group.

Our logistics and warehousing center are Widely distributed Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone and Jinshan district of Shanghai, Fengtai District of Beijing, Bao'an district of Shenzhen, Xincheng district of Xi'an and many other first-tier cities. This provide the protection to deliver goods to the customer speedily and reliably.

Finally, we sincerely invite you to become part of us. Lets work together to make the earth healthier, cleaner and safer by provide the top brands of product and the best quality of services.


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Bank: Agricultural Bank of China, Jilin Branch of Students

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Material suppliers of China National Petroleum

Jilin Zhongchuang technology co., Ltd.

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